StreetArt ✎ Mural

When I was first invited to create an art piece for a public wall, I submerged myself into learning the craft of mural making and I found that there were pros and cons in outdoor art: the greatest challenge in street art murals is having to paint on irregular wall surfaces and to be heavily dependant on good weather but the greatest reward at the end is transforming the entire area into a city attraction, an outdoor gallery that is open 24 hours a day 7 days a week.


Stock ❊ Photography

Getty Images licensed and featured my art photography in several well-known print publications, also in some books, in a few magazines and on a couple of music cd covers.

Stainglass ☼ Suncatcher

In my work with glass cutting, I was inspired by the ancient Mayan civilization artwork known for their high level of aesthetic and artisanal sophistication in both architecture and in decorative arts.

I used 5 different types of glass for the sun and sun-rays then I used the copper-foiling method and soldering ‘beading’ instead of a lead assembly because copper foil is more malleable for curved and round cut glass whereas lead is better for more straight-edge lead structured assemblies.

Stainglass Sun

Sculpture 유 Statue

With clay sculpting, I was influenced by the ‘Bronze Age’ and the Sumerian culture, my sculptures seemingly channel the ancient artworks of the inhabitants of southern Mesopotamia, one of the oldest on Earth,  dating back to 6000 B.C. 

Sumerian Owl Sculpture